Government ICT Services are always directed toward making government services available, accessible, and easy to use. It is always important to release a system that experiences rare downtimes (or none at all), and quick in delivering the services

ICT Projects thrive to provide the best platform to respond to public safety, connectivity and communication, IT Security, and all public and/or general online services.

More budget is put into agencies involved in ensuring the delivery of innovative government services for public use.



The biggest ICT challenges in government

New Technologies

Government’s demand for innovative technology transition from legacy to next generation web and mobile, increasing the need for specialized software testers.

Improve Human Capital

Standardization and accelerated testing push government agencies to acquire resources from outside contractors. User acceptance requirements need intuitive solutions.

Security / Risk

Skipping software quality audit may put the entire Government service at risk from real, significant threats.

At CHEQ, we have worked with local government agencies in evaluating online systems for functionality and performance, while adhering to the strictest ethics of testing and social responsibility. We believe that fully-functional and highly-responsive digital solutions in government services can pave the way for more social good.

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