Project: Smart Cards for Transport
Client: A large consortium

Key Technologies / Platforms:

Embedded Systems



Project overview:

A reloadable contactless card is now being used in rail, buses, tollways, convenience stores and cinemas. All the transactions from the different systems are sent to acentral clearing house for settlement and reconciliation. For the non-rail systems, there is a portal wherein the merchants can view and download the settlement reports.

For the rail system, tester coverage is assigned per device. In non-rail projects, one team member was assigned for each project (bus, toll-ways and retail).


One of the major challenges in the project is stakeholder MIND-SETTING when it comes to QUALITY MANAGEMENT. In some of the non-rail projects, business wants the system to go live even if there are still open Category A issues.


Implementing entrance and exit criteria validation. On the succeeding projects and releases of the system, endorsement to UAT or deployment to production will not push through unless the Category A & B issues are closed and the test results are not signed and verified by the operations team. The Team was able to assert the importance of closing the critical issues by citing risks and failure forecasts, and influence the stakeholders to exercise due diligence.



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