We take pride in our rich automation experience having been a partner of Mercury (now Micro Focus) since 2003. But our exposure to other popular automation tools gives us the edge to provide you with the best test automation solutions ranging from open-source, mid-range, and enterprise level test automation tools.

We offer a wide range of test automation services that are built on the following principles: Speed, Repeatability, Reusability, Ease of Use, and Cost-effective license utilization approach.

Tools Selection

We know for a fact that license cost is pricey not to mention the annual maintenance fee that goes with some of the brands. And since most of the tools have their own set of strengths and limitations, it is wise to check them properly and ensure that it fits your needs and your budget.

CHEQ can help you select the best tool by working with you closely in the evaluation and sizing of your requirements. We can help you in defining the selection criteria by analyzing your test requirements, applications, platforms, as well as your timelines. We will also assess your capabilities and expertise to find something that will not require rigorous training and capability building.

We can then identify the needed features and capabilities and then rank your options and even help you arrange proof-of-concept (POC) activities with different tool vendors out there. We do this as a third-party expert by validating the results of POCs with full transparency between you and the vendors. We also don’t limit our selections to the popular brands. Who knows – a free, open source or a low cost mid-range may be enough to suit your needs.

Tools Customization

Tools are just tools. It aids our testing processes. It should not dictate or be intrusive with proven workflows and methodologies but rather to improve on inefficiencies. Out of the box, most of the tools have built-in workflows that are sometimes inadequate or too much for your testing processes. While some needs complicated integration with your existing enterprise or development tools.

Testers are there to test your applications and not work on tools. Let us help you with the integration and customization requirements.

For example, HP Quality Center – has a customizable workflow and customizable API. You will be amazed on how we can help you align QC workflows to your processes. Improve notification, improve dashboard metrics and data, create custom fields to deliver the information or your quality checklist, enhance database, improve back-up and restore, enhance collaboration, and so on.

There are also tools that need integration with your existing collaboration tool, development tool, configuration management tools, trackers and more. Save on costs and expedite your testing requirements by getting our Tool Customization Services.

Test Automation Framework

Without a framework, your expensive tools may be limited or may even end up in the shelves. Testing and Scripting are two different tasks and a framework designed to strike a balance between these two are necessary to ensure the success of test automation initiatives.

At CHEQ, we design turn-key solutions aligned to your resources and your test assets, from rigorous planning and strategy formulation up to implementation and continuous process improvement.

Our test automation framework design can be acquired even prior to tool acquisition or if you already have an existing tool.

Script Development and Maintenance Services

You test, we automate.

The most common pitfall in test automation is when you spend most of your time scripting rather than testing.  Scripting is the most tedious part of the automation process and the discipline is very similar to coding.

Scripting and Testing are two totally different skill sets.

You want your testers to be analytical, quality driven, and have a keen eye for details. They, too, know your users and are very familiar with the applications.

While you want your automation engineers to be experts in coding and scripting languages; one who can adhere to coding guidelines and can create reusable libraries, functions and subroutines and easily maintainable scripts.

We can do the latter part for you while you allow your testers maintain their expertise on your business domain and applications in the principle of repeatability and reusability. We will deliver ready to use and easily maintainable scripts for your experts to run and validate. In the process, we also help you build up your test automation capability the soonest possible time.

Name your tools and chances are, we can create your scripts.

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